Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Max & Hound..

More often than not life can be overly complicated so when you do come across something that is straightforward, what you see is what you get.. well, you'd be mad not to take a quick shot or two right! The inspiration for children's store Max & Hound on Beaufort Street in Mount Lawley is one that all grandparents will understand. After looking at their facebook page I can't believe I took the pics and didn't go in, will have to rectify that asap! Painted by Simon Sieradzki this mural couldn't be more perfectly positioned.. the shop next door made me lol though :) Happy Tuesday, take care and stay safe..

Monday, June 26, 2017

Sous le ciel de Paris.. Under Paris skies..

Yesterday we spent un très agréable afternoon listening to la musique française at Alliance Française Fete de la Musique. It was an indoor event making it a leetle bit tricky light-wise although I'm not too unhappy with the shot above. I thought M. Silvio couldn't possibly look more French, but.. he may be Italian :) minor detail, his rendition of  'Sous le ciel de Paris'.. si bon! If you would like to refresh your memory of this tune check out the version here by the super fabulous ZAZ.  incroyable! Happy Monday, take care and stay safe..

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Shoes on the other feet!

It's always a pleasure to come across the WA Mounted Police in the city. Coming out from the Art Gallery WA into the bright sunlight it was wonderful to see the horses and riders interacting with the public in the Perth Cultural Centre. After seeing hundreds of pairs of fancy sneakers in the exhibition it was good to see down to earth hard working footwear in action :) Hope you're having a good weekend, happy Sunday, take care and stay safe...

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Farrah Fawcett x two..

Couldn't resist a reflection shot of Farrah Fawcett (1947-2009) at the Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibition. Farrah Fawcett was the 'it' girl of the 70's, who doesn't remember the 'red swimsuit poster'. Asked why he thought the poster was the best selling poster of all time the photographer said "C'mon, who could resist the beautiful, all-American girl looking directly at you with a dazzling smile and a red suit that covered a lot but revealed a little.” Young women in the spotlight these days would do well to take some FF tips, cover up, leave something to the imagination! Gosh that made me sound so old :) Happy Saturday, take care and stay safe..

Friday, June 23, 2017

The Rise of Sneaker Culture encore..

Back in Art Gallery WA following the kick trail upstairs to see a few more fabulous sneaker designs in the The Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibition.. who knew there could possibly be so many! Below a pair of Nike Zoom LeBron 6 inspired by Family Guy character Stewie Griffin. Never put into production only 24 pairs were made available to friends and family by invitation.. the dilemma for those 24 would be sentimental value or actual monetary value, I'd be tempted by the latter.. one more trip to Paris perhaps :)

Below a pair of Air Jordan VII Olympic Gold Medal presented by the Jordan Brand to Chris Paul when he won Olympic Gold in 2012.. no more than three pairs were manufactured making it 'exceptionally rare and sought after'.. an around the world trip for sure :)

I know a redhead.. not 'sporty' but tres cool :) who would be attracted by the glitter of the Puma X Undefeated  Clyde 'Gametime' 24k metallic gold sneakers below.. originally created 'in homage to the US gold medal winning Olympic basketball team'..

Below the 1994  'citron, red and black original colorway of the Reebok Insta Pump Fury is nearly as iconic as the design itself, immediately recognizable from a mile away'. As much as I enjoyed the exhibition I couldn't help wondering at what point did the sneaker morph from being a sports shoe to a modern day status symbol? Happy Friday, take care and stay safe.. P.s. one more from the exhibition tomorrow but it's not about the shoes :)

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Rise of Sneaker Culture.. then and now.

 In the city earlier this week we popped in to see what was new at the Art Gallery WA.. there's always something weird and wonderful to see and I suspect that the many school groups coming in below were here to see the Rise of Sneaker Culture exhibition. It has always fascinated me the importance of wearing the right brand of sneakers, it was almost a cult thing at one stage.. is it still I wonder.. surely not! The sneakers above were made in 1915.. I think they're pretty cool, but totally unsuitable for the level of competition these days..

Below, perfect if you need that extra bit of height.. and I do :) 

I'm saving the really speccy sneakers for tomorrow..incroyable! Are you into the 'wearing the right sneaker' mentality? Maybe it's my Scots blood, but my top price would be around the $120 mark and not a cent more.. I know right I'm a cheapskate :) Happy Thursday, take care and stay safe...

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Crown and ‘De Parel Van Vuren’..

Yesterdays views were looking out over the Swan river to the city in Burswood Park and today looking in towards the Crown resort and casino. Is it just me or do you think the design of the casino, centre below, looks a little like the bow of a cruise ship? I had spotted the ginormous 'De Parel Van Vuren' (The Pearl of Fire) Perth's very own Spiegeltent from city side and wanted to have a closer look. I wasn't expecting...

... to see Shrek peering over the fence at me but maybe I should have been as he is one of the central characters in Lights by Dreamworks, showing here from 23rd June to 23rd July.. just in time for the school holidays! I don't remember school hols being quite so razzamatazz, but then again my school days were a really long time ago :) Happy Wednesday, take care and stay safe..

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